Poinsettia Avenue Residence

Located on a corner site at Runaway Bay on the Broadwater, magnificent water views, a north/easterly aspect and prevailing breezes are key assets of the site that the proposed residence capitalizes on. Inspired by the fantastic location, the architecture of the proposed residence is modern tropical. Inherent to tropical design, pitched roofs, generous eave overhangs for deep shading of windows and a palette of natural colours and materials are elements adopted in the architectural design. A priority of the architecture and planning was to break the residence into attached ‘pavilions’.

A layering of architectural elements, such as walls, blades, roofs and materials also creates interest in and reduces the bulk of elevations. Natural stone and timber battening are expressed on the horizontal to balance strong vertical elements of rendered walls and columns. This interplay of horizontal and vertical elements creates a visually stimulating and exciting architectural design.

The architecture of the home reflects the desire to create a strong connection between exterior and interior. Water is a key element of the location, which has been incorporated into the design of the residence, through the use of water features that extend from the entry through the formal living areas out to the pool. A continuation of the modern tropical theme, natural materials are to be used throughout the interior, along with extensive windows and expansive doors to provide a visual and physical connection to the exterior and surrounding environment.

Landscaping is key in helping to soften the impact of the ‘built form’ of the residence. The landscaping character is modern tropical and plants have been carefully chosen to enhance the architecture of the resident and the environment. Colour and texture are also important, and seasonal colour will be achieved through various exotic and flowering trees and plants. Natural stone, pebble mulch and timber decks introduce texture to the landscaping and provide a strong connection with the architecture and interiors.